September 29, 2016

DC 16 Manual – Printable Flyer

Print DC 16

The Digital Combo multipurpose swing-away heat press comes standard with a 14″ x 16″ heat press platen and lower table.


Some of the other features include;
– Automatic Digital Timer & Dual pre-press timer
– Digital pressure bar graph
– Interchangeable Heat Platens & Tables
– Extensive range of drop on bottom platens for overlaying more pocket designs, sleeves and more!
– This Geo Knight Press is the best seller for over 20 Years, due to is solidness and extensive range of accessories


For more details & accessories: see the manufactures website/product page

Demo or Trail a chosen Heat Press in your factory, warehouse or retail shop for only:
NZ$100.00 + GST.


(1 week subject to availability – includes freight delivery + return freight to Wellington)

Pay before due date: $100.00 + GST Per Month


Pay after due date: $150.00 + GST Per Month

DC 16 Manual: US$1,195.00
(ex Geo Knight Factory Door) Price retrieved from:×16


Convert from USD to NZD: US$1,195.00 into NZD
US$1,195.00 / 0.70 (Retrieved from: Westpac Exchange Rates)
= NZ$1707.14 + NZ$888.00 (What’s the $888.00 for? – see here)
= NZ$2595.14 + GST
NZ$2595.14 + GST – Delivered to your door/main centers