September 26, 2016

Price List & Pricing Formula

Suppliers Price List 2016
→ Geo Knight
→ Hix Corp
→ Sefa
→ Insta Graphics

Pricing Formula

1. Price from Suppliers Website or Suppliers Price List (See here: Suppliers Price List)
2. Convert to NZD on current exchange rate: Westpac Exchange Rates
3. Add NZ$888 to price worked out from step #2
4. Thats the price + GST delivered to your door!

Whats is the extra NZ$955.00 for?
A) Conversion from 120v to 240v
B) NZ Plug Attachment
C) Freight from USA Supplier to Wellington, NZ
D) Freight from Heat Press Media Ltd to your door or main centres

1. DC 16 (Manual) = US$1195.00
2. US$1195.00 / 0.70 = NZ$1707.14 (Be sure to check current US Exchange Rate @ Westpac NZ)
3. NZ$1707.14 + NZ$955.00 = NZ$2662.14
4. $2595.14 + GST is the price for the DC 16 Heat Press Machine & delivery to your door.

Please note: Price is subject to change depending on the current exchange rate