Convenient all-rounder · With extractable lower plate

The LTS 150 SAC and LTS 138 SAC are ideal for transfer jobs onto both, large and small textiles, including t-shirts, sweatshirts, and sportswear. Special feature of this press: the extractable lower printing plate!
The transfer process starts by pulling down the smooth-running hand levers. The digital temperature control includes both audio and clear visual signals to indicate the automatic release time – making your work easier. Pressure can be continuously adjusted by turning an easily accessible set dial.

The freestanding support plate of each press allows you to mount textiles easily in a single layer; only the fabric segment to be printed rests on the support plate. Prints previously applied to the textile remain unaffected, and creases impairing the printing result (usually caused by two layers) are easily avoided. The extractable lower printing plate allows a quick and easy positioning of the textiles and printing motifs.

The semiautomatic function will ensure an automatic, gently opening after the timer releases. You will hear a discreet acoustic alert, while the heating plate almost silently slides upwards. This helps in further respects: it’s safer for the transfer and textile, because the press opens automatically and the application parameters are always met.

Thanks to modular design, only a single press is required to print shirts, jackets, bags, lanyard keychains, and even caps: a variety of support plates can be quickly and conveniently interchanged. No extra tools needed.

High-quality heating technology provides quick warmup. Even and constant operating temperature is guaranteed as well as extended durability of the heating elements. The clearly arranged digital display allows you to conveniently set and control transfer time and operating temperature. These presses are equipped with a memory function, thanks to which you can store up to three different temperature and time programs for pressing of flock, flex or sublimation transfers.

Technical specifications:

Mikanit Heiztechnologie hand made in Italy  CE-konform
Transfer area 40 x 50 cm
Digital timer 0–999 seconds
Temperature 0–250 °C
Heating power 2000 W
Voltage 220–240 V
Weight 65 kg


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